A Small Ride to Defeat Melanoma with Team Barbie





The Ride and the Cause

The ride is in memory of my sister Barb who was promoted to heaven on May 17, 2018, after a 6.5-year battle with melanoma. It is also in honor of my sister-in-law Monica Pollen who continues the battle against melanoma and breast cancer. Barb & I planned the ride and she bought the bike I will be using for the ride.

The ride is epic but, so little compared to fighting melanoma and other cancers. The fight against cancer is physically, emotionally and spiritually draining. Even the diagnosis of cancer can rock your world. Seeing the battle up close and personal is absolutely brutal.

The Goal $44,444

My sister’s favorite number was 4 because she was born on 4/4.  In fact, she turned 44 on 4/4/4 which is the source of the goal.

My sister Barb was one tough cookie. Sweet and wonderful on the outside but strong and tenacious on the inside. It is a surprising combination both in a cookie and a person. Just like baking a cookie, her cancer was like refining fire, like gold being refined, all that does not matter was burned off and only the pure brightness of gold or in her case the inner being remained. She came out a shining light. She was one tough cookie.

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Wish we could be there in person. Sending our love & support to Team Barbie! - THE SQUAD (Kim Rich Steven CC Jen Nicole Mike Peter Elisabeth Jordan Kevin Lindsay Megan Alex Madeline Ryan P Luke Ali Pojo Steph, Luke Ryan H Meredith Aaron & Sam) · 2 years ago

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Teri Conevera

Have a safe journey. Go Team Barbie! · 2 years ago

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First Bank Financial Centre

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